(Roget's IV) modif.
1. [ Said of persons ]
Syn. perfidious, faithless, treacherous, unfaithful, disloyal, dishonest, lying, untruthful, base, hypocritical, double-dealing, knavish, roguish, malevolent, rascally, scoundrelly, mean, malicious, venal, deceitful, mendacious, underhanded, corrupt, forsworn, unscrupulous, untrustworthy, falsehearted, dishonorable, villainous, treasonable, traitorous, seditious, canting, insincere, two-faced*; see also senses 2, 3.
Ant. faithful*, true, honorable.
2. [ Said of statements or supposed facts ]
Syn. untrue, mistaken, spurious, apocryphal, fanciful, mendacious, untruthful, fictitious, deceptive, concocted, fallacious, incorrect, inaccurate, wrong, sophistical, casuistic, Jesuitical, misleading, delusive, imaginary, illusive, erroneous, invalid, deceiving, misrepresentative, fraudulent, trumped-up, contrary to fact, fishy*, cooked-up*; see also senses 1, 3.
Ant. accurate*, correct, established.
3. [ Said of things ]
Syn. sham, counterfeit, fabricated, manufactured, synthetic, factitious, bogus, spurious, make-believe, assumed, unreal, not genuine, copied, forged, pretended, faked, made-up, simulated, imitation, lifeless, pseudo, hollow, mock, feigned, bastard, base, shoddy, alloyed, artificial, contrived, colored, disguised, deceptive, adulterated, plated, so-called, meretricious, fake, ersatz, phony*, gyp*, catchpenny*, bum*, false-colored*, queer*, not what it's cracked up to be*; see also senses 1, 2.
Ant. real*, genuine, authentic.
play someone false,
Syn. cheat, trick, betray; see betray 1 , deceive .
put in a false position,
Syn. misrepresent, embarrass, misquote; see betray 1 , mistake .
Syn.- false , in this comParison, refers to anything that is not in essence that which it purports to be and may or may not connote deliberate deception [false hair, false eyelashes ] ; sham refers to an imitation or simulation of something and usually connotes intent to deceive [sham piety ] ; counterfeit and the colloquial bogus apply to a very careful imitation and always imply intent to deceive or defraud [counterfeit , or bogus , money ] ; fake is a less formal term for any person or thing that is not genuine [ a fake doctor, chimney, etc. ] See also Synonym Study at faithless .
(Roget's 3 Superthesaurus) a.
1. untrue wrong, erroneous, inaccurate, mistaken, fabricated, *full of hot air, *all wet, in error, bogus, fallacious, dishonest, fictitious, unfounded, spurious, invalid, misleading.
2. imitation fake, artificial, counterfeit, phony, ersatz, bogus, simulated, mock, sham, forged, pseudo.
ANT.: 1. true, factual, accurate. 2. real, genuine, authentic
(Roget's Thesaurus II) adjective 1. Devoid of truth: counterfactual, specious, spurious, truthless, untrue, untruthful, wrong. See TRUE. 2. Containing an error or errors: erroneous, fallacious, inaccurate, incorrect, mistaken, off, unsound, untrue, wrong. Idioms: all wet, in error, off base, off (or wide of) the mark. See CORRECT. 3. Containing fundamental errors in reasoning: fallacious, illogical, invalid, sophistic, specious, spurious, unsound. See CORRECT, TRUE. 4. Fraudulently or deceptively imitative: bogus, counterfeit, fake, fraudulent, phony, sham, spurious, suppositious, supposititious. See TRUE. 5. Not true to duty or obligation: disloyal, faithless, falsehearted, perfidious, recreant, traitorous, treacherous, unfaithful, untrue. See CONTINUE, TRUST.

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